Gordon Avenue Townhomes

The Gordon Avenue townhomes project consisted of three buildings and an underground detention pond.  The first building built was done with cold formed steel, the second two were conventional wood framing.  This was project was challenging in that it had very large openings on the front, and getting proper wind bracing was very difficult.

440 and 442 Gartrell Road, Atlanta, GA

#442 – the brown building on the left, was the first container building we ever designed.  It’s located in downtown 4th Ward in Atlanta.  There was nothing particularly challenging about this project.

What is noticeable is the amount of people and companies that take credit for this job that had nothing to do with it.  I was forward a picture of a billboard in China with these houses on it from someone in Australia.  There have been companies and individuals taking credit for these houses that are too numerous to mention.  The houses were built by GAD Construction, we did the structural design, and the architectural design was done by Francis Kirkpatrick.  

Lift Stations and Photo-Cat Treatment Containers, Jamestown, NC

This facility was a package water treatment facility pre-fabricated in Ontario, Canada and shipped to North Carolina for installation.  The system is meant to clean groundwater on an old landfill site.  The challenge with this installation was the containers showed up fully loaded.  So…we had to design them to be able to be lifted from the trucks with a lot of weight already in them.  

“The Oscar” – Phoenix Container Building

Architect: Stark James, Phoenix, AZ

Structural Engineer: Runkle Consulting, Inc.

The Oscar is a commercial and multi-family building in Phoenix.  The building is combined shipping containers and concrete masonry units.  The “wet” portions of the building – the bathrooms are between containers in sections built with concrete masonry units and concrete metal deck composite floors.  

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