Shipping Container House, New Haven, Connecticut

Connecticut Container House - Shipping Container Units

This house was designed in the winter of 2010-2011, and is currently under construction.  The containers have been fabricated and will be erected shortly.  Here is a video showing where we are at:



The house will be two stories, each story will have 3 – 45′ containers.  The containers were modified to have large openings between them and to have a stairway. The foundation is actually a deep crawl space, which we had to do because of site conditions.  The site is a vacant lot where a house was demolished, and there is poor soil to a depth of 5′, so the easiest way was to build an uninhabited basement under the house.



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  2. Jeremiah

    If you had to excavate for the foundation walls, why not make the basement habitable? Are there other site issues other than soil bearing that prevented this?
    Awesome project! can’t wait to see more photos.

    1. admin (Post author)

      The client made that decision based on cost. The house is going up in a low income neighborhood, and will be a rental property. The idea is to keep the cost down as low as possible. The only reason the deep crawl space was installed is there is very poor soil to about 5′ depth (the rubble of the house there originally. It was cheaper to excavate the material completely and put in subwalls than it was to sink the foundations as deep as they had to go. However, to make it habitable would have meant a stairway inside the containers down to the basement, and an exit from the basement to the outside.



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