Welcome to our website. Runkle Consulting is a structural engineering firm that provides services that include design of modular facilities, residential/commercial structural design, and forensic engineering.

Runkle Consulting is a structural engineering firm that provides forensice engineering and also design services for modular structures on a global scale for military applications, mining, industrial, and commercial applications.

What Services Do We Provide?

We provide structural engineering for projects that need buildings that can be erected quickly and are transportable.  This began in 1997 when Lt. Col. Runkle (USAFR Ret.) designed facilities at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Emirates.  As we have moved forward, we have developed an expertise in cold formed steel and shipping containers.  Our clients come to us from a variety of backgrounds with their special needs for various structures that have to go up in a hurry in often remote areas.

Specific Services

  • Forensic Engineering:  We provide failure analysis and structural condition assessments of buildings.  For example, we can provide structural condition assessments of residences and commercial buildings prior to purchase to evaluate issues that may be in need of repair or lower the value of the building.  Also, in the event of structural failures, we can identify the cause of the problem and provide the design of the repair as necessary.
  • Intermodal Container Building Design:  We design buildings made from Intermodal Containers (shipping containers) that are an inexpensive way to make buildings of all types, from single family homes to large commercial buildings.
  • Light Commercial Design:  We provide structural designs for smaller commercial projects.  Our designs have included foundations for small manufacturing plants, small retail facilities, day care facilities, and veterinary hospitals.
  • Modular Buildnig Design:  We have experience worldwide in the design of modular buildings that have be used for military purposes, mining facilities, and low cost housing.
  • Shop Drawings:  We provide structural engineering for  shop drawings that may be required as part of your contract.  We have prepared various types of drawings for contractors performing work for the Centers for Disease Control, Fulton County Schools, and the Georgia Dome.

In addition to intermodal container building design, we provide design services for modular construction, cold formed steel construction, and structural consultation/design for architectural building cladding and store fronts.

Modular Construction:

We have worked with a number of clients in developing modular buildings and containers for living facilities and carrying equipment.  Our clients include 3Twenty Solutions in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) and PCX Corporation in Clayton, NC.  A major portion of our work is the design of transportable facilities to Northern Canada for use in the oil fields and mines.

Cold Formed Steel/Architectural finishes:

Our company provides cold formed steel design and structural consultation for shop drawings for a number of clients.  In particular, we have provided extensive services to Seco Architectural products for projects such as the Consolidated Car Rental Facility at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, repairs to the Georgia Dome from tornado damage, the Georgia Tech Nano Technology Center, and various buildings for the Center for Disease Control.  We’ve also designed a large number of projects for Shelter2Home in various locations in Haiti.

Forensic Structural Engineering

We provide quick response to investigation structural failures and designing repairs. The photo above was a design we did to repair a building struck by a tornado.  Southeastern Automotive’s warehouse in Atlanta was hit by a tornado and the second story was lost.  We designed the replacement structure in less than a week, allowing the warehouse to get back into full operation quickly.

Warehouse Repair

Retaining Wall Design

Our company designs concrete retaining walls for commercial and residential applications.  We provide designs for poured concrete cantilever walls and segmented block walls.

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